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What constitutes a good web experience?

Is it captivating visuals? Intuitive interaction? Or easily accessible?

I believe it’s a combination of it all, blended into a perfect composition like a skillfully crafted painting.  A composition of multiple disciplines utilizing creative design, logical development, thorough testing and analytical marketing that work together in one cohesive unit.

I’ve cultivated over a decade of professional experience (if I were to include non-professional experience we’d be looking at more than 20 years!) in various fields of computing & IT with a focus in Web Development.  I’ve worked with new businesses looking to get off the ground running to small startups consisting of only 6 people to  large domestic and multinational tech companies that generate billions of dollars for their clients or for themselves each year.  I’ve been around the block.

I let my work speak for itself and constantly challenge myself with each new project to deliver outstanding results while continuing to push my knowledge further in this field.  They say that you never stop learning when you’re in tech and I can absolutely confirm that it’s true.

Brian W.

Web Developer